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If you didn’t know already, Natalia is my younger sister!! I thought it would be cool to do a little interview with her since I never done one with a family member before. When I go to different blogs, I’ve seen one or two with actual interviews, so I thought, “why not?”

So, just to say, this is a completely RANDOM interview. Just about life. Hey Natalia, how’s life?
“Life’s good.”

So, without further ‘ado’, her is my interview with my younger sister Natalia!!
(Oh and btw, this isn’t really breaking news.) ๐Ÿ˜‚

(Boldย is my question (asked by me) regular font is Natalia’s answer.)

Hi Natalia, are you excited about this interview?
Yes. You want the real answer?: Not really.

*laughs* Well, okay. Let’s start off with some basics. How old are you?
uhhhh…. 10. I thought you knew that.

Natalia, this isn’t about me. This is on the internet… remember??
I know. Next question.

Let’s go on, how’s summer for you so far?
It’s cool… it’s chill.

Are you enjoying summer so far?

Are you excited to go back to school?
That is the thing I’ve been looking forward to do all summer!!

Okay… why?
Because.. I miss my friends and I would of have more fun during summer if Covid wasn’t here.

How do you feel about Covid-19?
I hate it so much I just want to take it and punch it in the face.

Because it ruined my school year and I was having a great year, until this happened… *laughs* but I’m still really excited to go back to school.

Do you read your sisters blog?
Not really.

Why? *laughs*
Because she writes ridiculously long posts and I don’t feel like reading them.

Okay… uh, do you like to read then??
….. not really.

What are your favourite books? (or authors)
I like Judy Blume books because the books are entertaining and funny.

What are some of your hobbies?
I loooove gymnastics, I also really like to draw.

What do you like to draw?
I like drawing anime girls because I don’t know I just think it’s my sort of style.

Can you show me one of your anime drawings?

Sure why not:

Wow cool!!! How long have you been drawing anime?
I started about like, last year.

Okay. What about your other hobby: gymnastics? When did you start that?
Like, when I was about four years old.

Do you enjoy it? What are you learning?
I do enjoy it, a lot. I’m learning how to do a back hand sprain and an aerial.

Wow cool!! So, how would your friends describe you?
Fun, crazy, weird, silly, confident, friendly and talented. They think I’m really talented, my friends.

Are you talented????
I think I am… I don’t know. Do YOU think I’m talented??

I uh… this isn’t about me. NEXT QUESTION!!
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok….

Who’s your favourite sister?
I don’t have any sisters.

So… who’s interviewing you?
me. I am

You’re…. interviewing… yourself..?

Geez, okay. Do you know who I am???
yes, you are JuLiA

Okay, that was just a test making sure you didn’t go crazy.
Julia, I’m always crazy.

Yes, I think I know that. Anyway, what’s your favourite colour?

Are you a country girl or a city girl?
City girl. I’m definitely a city girl.

Because I like the feeling where I know everyone, and it’s so nice to be around people… but in the country it’s like I’m standing in the middle of nowhere.

What’s your favourite part about the city??
The mall…. and going to school.

Why do you like going to the mall?
Because it’s such a fun vibe wherever you walk… and I just love that feeling. That feeling of being around people makes me happy.

Natalia, do you want this interview to come to an end?
uh, sure. Why not.

Did you have fun answering these questions?
Kind of.

Do you love your sister Julia?
Kind of. Just kidding. Yes.

Ok folks!! That raps up or little interview!! If you liked it, make sure to smash that like button and…

I’m kidding. This was fun, Natalia.
Yeah I had fun, too!

That’s it, everyone!! Stay tuned for more, posts, this was actually really fun. I might do one with other family members, too. Thanks for reading!!

Julia ๐Ÿ˜‚

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