hii beautiful people:))

How’s it going? It hasn’t been that long since my last post but . . . surprise! A Photo Log! I know I said that I probably wouldn’t be doing Photo Log’s during the school year but, this is better than nothing, right?! And I found myself taking pictures anyway, so I thought why not upload them to my blog:)

This week’s pictures are just random ones I’ve taken throughout this week and last week… me and my mom went to the mall to go shopping for my birthday, and I took some pretty city photos, too.


To start this amazing Photo Log off, we have a picture of my slippers featuring Reese’s Pieces chocolate :’)

Now when do I NOT put in pictures of the sky?! There’s no way I could let the sky look like this without taking a picture<3

Trees ๐Ÿค clouds

woke up a little too early on a Sunday morning, but it was all rewarded with this patch of sunlight:)

sun on plants is the best energy ever

perfect way to wake up<3

ok fine i’ll stop now

the day before my birthday me and my mom went out to the mall to get most of my birthday presents:) it was really fun and the city was beautiful that day!

mall selfie??


my current fave stuffie (sorry llama-jj), is this pig. You can’t tell me it’s not cute!? (i named it cherry btw)

ice capp on the way home~

I ordered some blue light glasses for myself from Amazon, and this is what they look like. I ordered them because I get headaches easily from being on screens (especially computers, idk why) because of the long hours, just staring into the screen. I read and watched videos of how they block the ‘blue light’ from the screen and prevent the headaches and help you sleep better!

And that’s it for this Photo Log! I had a very great birthday and had lot’s of fun:) Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little ~unexpected~ Photo Log as much as I did taking the pictures!

take care:)

– Julia

2 thoughts on “Photo Log #9 – birthday week, shopping, city life”

  1. Hey Julia, how have u been???? We haven’t talked in ages omg, how’s it going???? (it’s b0wl_of_n00dles btw ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    1. Hi there! ik it’s been forever! sorry i don’t go on scratch much.. but thanks for visiting my blog anyway:) it’s been going good! just started school and getting into the swing of things again:) thanks for reading again!
      – julia

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